4 Reasons To Include A General Contractor Early On In Your Project

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4 Reasons To Include A General Contractor Early On In Your Project

In any construction project, proper planning is paramount to its success. It’s easy to visualize your completed project, however once you have that vision, you’ll have to figure out how to fit all of those pieces together to make it a reality. A knowledgeable General Contractor (GC) can be a great asset to help you put it all together. The four reasons below are a few benefits why a GC is critical in the early stages of your project.

  1. Time – A GC can ultimately save time on the overall project by being able to provide feedback during the development and design phase. This includes development of material and equipment lead times. Some items can take an extended period of time to procure due to discontinuity, backorder for fabrication, or manufacturer delay. This can be verified by your GC during specification development. If needed, your GC can assist in providing an equal alternate early on for approval and coordinate with you and the project designers to assure compliance to project needs. Your GC can also provide deviations in building systems and installation methods to the project that would allow for an expedited schedule while maintaining project requirements and intent, however this would be optimal if identified early in the planning phase and prior to completing full design.
  1. Cost – A GC can develop an initial schedule and budget based upon a preliminary project plan and layout. At that point, you can develop a design that would add, remove or modify scope to meet the project intent while maintaining planned budget parameters. Cost control must start during the design phase to ensure that project design and parameters don’t exceed your budget. It could be counterproductive to have to go back and reassess design due to budget issues.
  1. Innovation – Acquiring a GC early in the project allows for constructability recommendations, value engineering options, and innovative solutions to be provided for issues that would ultimately need to be completed by your GC during the construction phase.
  1. Clear Expectations – When a GC and design team coordinate early on during the design phase, project and owner expectations are more prevalent and clear to a project team. The benefit of setting clear expectations early in the life cycle of your project reduces overall project risk. When all associated team members are aligned and have a coordinated understanding, your project has a much greater chance of operating at peak efficiency, thus resulting in a better outcome with regard to quality and value.


Acquiring a quality General Contractor early on in the life of your project gives you the best opportunity to keep your project on time & on budget, set clear expectations with the project team, and allow your GC to come up with innovative solutions to any concerns that are identified early on in the planning. So don’t wait, get your GC involved early on and you will be glad you did!

Author: Fadi Daoud, President Arete Construction Inc.

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