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Arete Construction Incorporated (ACI) is a licensed and insured general contractor fully equipped to meet the complete range of your construction needs in north Florida. ACI partners with every client to ensure that your project objectives are met through efficient planning, thorough budget control, and schedule management.

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Built Through Excellence


Arete Construction, Inc. (ACI) operates with a diverse team of subcontractors, industry professionals and designers. As a team, we provide complete construction implementation and general contracting services.

Our firm was developed and has always emphasized bringing the optimal value to a project from design concept, through construction completion and to ongoing preventative maintenance.



Quality, On Time and Within Budget

Our diverse expertise provides a multitude of capabilities from large to small. We strive to provide excellent services by keeping our projects within budget, on schedule and by providing the best attainable quality. The project implementation always includes a “hands-on” approach by our management team.


Our Leadership

Fadi Daoud, President

Having worked in both the design and construction side of project development and execution, I have developed a thorough comprehension of the full life cycle of a construction project.  I strive to create an environment and setting of honesty, efficiency and clarity with all project stakeholders while providing ACI’s services. I maintain a passion for the ventures and projects we complete and include dedicated and enthusiastic personnel as a part of the project team.

Having seen both effective methods and deficiencies in the processes and operations in the construction industry, I take great care to use the latest design and building strategies to exceed our client’s goals and objectives. This is done by using sustainable design and building material, use of advanced software/management systems and ongoing training/education. I believe that optimal performance is achieved through passion and dedication while    completing our services for clients.





Our firm’s leadership brings over 12 years and 150 design/build and
construction management projects across multiple industries totaling
more than 2 million square feet of development.

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