Our Approach

We understand that no single project delivery
method works for everyone

ACI offers a wide range of delivery methods that are comprehensive
to each individual project and client’s needs.

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Here's How We Get It Done


General Contracting

This method utilizes our strengths in project controls and strong relationships with our subcontractors to deliver construction of a project that has already been fully designed. This traditional method can be enhanced by attaining qualified personnel to achieve the best attainable quality.

Design Build

We deliver a total planning, design and construction solution. This is an attractive option for clients who have a clear perspective of desired scope. Design/build services offer the quickest possible project execution and optimum budget management.

Construction Management

We manage all subcontractors under a lump sum price and assume sole responsibility for the successful completion of the project. The client benefits from better cost controls, fast project delivery and optimal quality management.

Trade Contracting

We retain the ability to self-perform certain trades which includes demolition, structural repairs, metal framing, drywall/ceiling system, industrial coating and finish work. As a result, we maintain more dedicated control over quality and provide an expedited schedule while being competitively priced.

Facility Maintenance

For new or existing buildings, we can analyze your ongoing maintenance needs and develop a systematic preventive program that includes but is not limited to; mechanical filter changes, roofing inspections and cleaning, lighting inspection, irrigation/landscaping management and fire suppression system maintenance management.

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